Digging For Something: Ephemera eXcavation

Drawing some inspiration by digging for buried treasure was always part of the plan for the Greater Listening Area.

Digging 6

I am referring to my boxes of ephemera picked up through the years: fliers, stickers, and postcards from rock shows or maybe the odd promotional item from the heyday of bricks and mortar music retail. These file boxes also house countless mostly defunct music magazines and alternative weeklies that may help piece together a timeline.  Unfortunately no archivist-worthy protective measures were taken— no acid-free dividers, no temperature or moisture-controlled environment maintained. These boxes of could-be-content-catalysts have been schlepped over roughly a dozen household moves and were usually relegated to closet floors or worse, dank basements.  I am mostly unaware of what exactly might be uncovered in these mini-time capsules, but it should be enough to jog some memories. Dig this. I even saved my CD longboxes.

Digging 3Digging 1


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